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Native Unearthed Natural Deodorant

Native Unearthed are listed with the VLA and you can see their listing here

This review was organised by the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION [].

It has not been paid for and the products were sent free of charge. This is my genuine and unbiased review of the product.

Almost by definition, vegans are people who care – this includes concern about our environment and a desire not to contribute to environmental degradation.

Personally, I have never liked using any products which have a range of chemical ingredients, some, or all, of which might be potentially harmful to me and the environment.

Sometimes this is almost unavoidable – but when it comes to cleaning and personal hygiene products, I always try to use those which contain only natural ingredients.

From a personal point of view, this would include shampoo, soap / shower gel and deodorant.

Many years ago, I read that hair can be kept perfectly clean and healthy without the use of any shampoo – but simply by rinsing in water. I tried this and found that it works – so have been shampoo free for a long time.

As far as soap and shower gel are concerned, I only use brands which are made entirely from natural plant products.

I never liked using products which were heavily scented and used to be concerned about using deodorants and anti-perspirants which might clog up the pores of my sweat glands.

Hence, when I first learnt about Rock Crystal deodorants I sought one out and have been using them ever since. They are made from potassium alum, a naturally occurring mineral salt, which has anti-bacterial properties. Body odour is not caused by the sweat itself, but by the breakdown products of sweat created by the activity of bacteria.

When I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing the Native Unearthed I asked to be sent the ‘Original’ – on the basis that it would be similar to other brands that I have used.

The Native Unearthed website has the following to say about this product :

Explore Native Unearthed Original Crystal Deodorant – A crystal deodorant made solely from volcanic crystal minerals and nothing else. There’s nothing quite like it.

How do our Crystal Deodorants prevent odour ? By leaving an invisible layer of natural minerals on your underarms which works around the clock to prevent the build up of odour causing bacteria.

Better still, whilst preventing odour, our natural deodorants don’t clog pores like the normal deodorants. Instead, our deodorants still allow your body to continue it’s normal course of eliminating toxins from the body whilst providing round the clock protection. Choose Native, Choose confidence.

Most deodorants work by clogging your pores and attempting to mask the smell of your body odor BUT Native Unearthed’s crystal deodorant works by leaving an invisible layer of natural minerals on your underarms. These minerals contain gentle yet effective antibacterial properties which prevent odor by preventing the growth of odor causing bacteria(released in your sweat). Rather than clog the pores, our crystal deodorant still allows your body to release toxins, whilst working around the clock to prevent the build up of odor causing bacteria. It’s the perfect alternative to your everyday deodorant. The word on the street is ‘Yes, these deodorants actually work’.

Try it for yourself and be amazed. Don’t forget to leave us a review. We would love to hear your feedback.

At Native Unearthed, we are all about comfort. That’s why our crystal deodorant has a wide set head and twist up application for your convenience and ease. No more dropping crystal deodorants and smashing them or attempting to cover your underarms after 10 or so swipes of your crystal deodorant. Our smooth wide head ensures you can apply your crystal deodorant at leisure in just one or two swipes.

I have now been using this deodorant for several weeks and have found it to be excellent.

One acknowledged problem with Rock Crystal deodorants is that, if you drop them, they tend to smash and then have to be thrown away. As it happens, I did knock the Native Unearthed deodorant off the shelf in the bathroom and it survived completely unscathed!

The other features that I particularly like are the shape of the container – it seems to be easier to grip (especially when you are straight out of the shower!) than some of the other round containers and the method for moving the rock up when needed.

Overall, it does seem easier to apply than some others I have used and it is a very effective deodorant.

At £6.49 it may appear to be on the expensive side – but it will last for a very long time indeed!

As well as the ‘Original’, Native Unearthed also make Rock Crystal deodorants with added Aloe leaf juice, Mangosteen and Raw Curcuma Longa Root.

Finally, as an ethical and vegan company, Native Unearthed make four promises :

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