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Wiggle Yorkshire Tour Sportive (Epic)

27th September, 2014


Wiggle Peak District Punisher Sportive  (Epic) 28th September, 2014


Mick Walker 


I have not always been vegan and would like to share my experience – both in terms of how I came to the decision to cut all animal products out of my diet and the benefits that I have experienced.


At this point I have to say that I have a background in Biology (for most of my career I have been a Biology Teacher) so I do have a good understanding of diet, nutritional needs and physiology. I also have an understanding of ecology and environmental issues when it comes to agriculture and food production, as well as human influence in general.


I am not a doctor.


Information, facts and opinions in my writing and speaking come from third parties as well as my own knowledge, understanding and experience.



It is now several years since I became totally vegan. I have explained the details behind this decision in one of my blogs. As well as ceasing to consume any animal products, I have also eliminated all other animal products from my life.


The benefits to my health and fitness were immediate and surprising.


My only regret is that I did not become vegan much earlier in my life.


I am in no doubt whatsoever that this change in my diet contributed significantly in helping me to lose weight and increase my strength and fitness.


As I come towards the end of my teaching career and realise the my stamina and fitness for cycling is as good as ever I want to increase the amount of cycling I do with a view to entering more long distance events. By doing this, I hope to promote the benefits of a plant based diet in maintaining health and fitness in later life.


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