'How Not to Die' by Michael Greger MD - a review

Anyone who knows me, has heard me speak, read my website, follows me on Twitter, Facebook etc. will know that I embrace all aspects of veganism. I am wholly vegan for reasons of eliminating animal exploitation, reducing environmental destruction via animal agriculture and for the maintenance of my health. As far as I can see, the benefits to our health are often not emphasised enough – yet there is now a huge amount of evidence to demonstrate the massive improvement in health and longevity amongst those who adopt a vegan diet – most especially a Whole Food Plant based Diet. Much of this evidence is being publicised in the US – and one of those at the forefront of this is Dr Michael Greger. H

'The New Vegan' by Áine Carlin - a review

This review has been organised by the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION []. It has not been paid for and the copy of the book I received was sent free of charge. This is my genuine and unbiased review of the book. It is published by Kyle books - Essentially, this is a vegan recipe book. However, at the start, there is some very useful comment and advice for those going through a transition to a vegan lifestyle and, perhaps, not finding it to be easy or straightforward. Recently, I have been speaking at a number of Vegan Festivals and have helped out on the Vegan Lifestyle Association Stand at these Festivals. In my experience there are ma