Sustainable Food Production

I have recently written an article explaining why it makes much more sense to grow plants for food, rather than raising animals. It has been posted on the VEGAN LIFESTYLE ASSOCIATION website :

Mad Cowboy

I have recently been reading this book for a second time. At the end of Chapter Four, Howard Lyman explains the moment when he suddenly realised that the only way forward was on a 100% plant based diet. I wanted to share this. 'One summer day in Washington in 1990, I was sitting with my feet up on my desk, looking out at the Potomac. The humidity was 98% and it was hot enough to make a mosquito sweat. I started thinking about all the issues, personal and political, that were concerning me. I was feeling a growing sense of cynicism about my work and about the chances to effect change through legislation. I'd lived through the relentless decline of the family farm. I knew that most of the bure

Sportives, 2015

Earlier this year, I made contact with the editor of Vegan Life magazine and asked if he would be interested in me writing any articles. His initial response was to ask if they could write an article about me - in terms of the effect that my vegan diet has had on my life. I agreed to this and the resulting article is included in the latest issue (No 8, September 2015). In fact, I wrote the article myself and based it on my cycling activities during May, when I rode three tough Sportives – all in respectable times and, moreover, I experienced no noticeable tiredness, aches or pains after any of them. I am entirely convinced that this is mainly down to my plant based diet! The three rides were