An 'Everest' Challenge

In the early evening of 5th August, I arrived at Dufton Youth Hostel (Cumbria) where I had arranged to meet Alex Staniforth and Ste Rumbelow. The following day Alex was planning to ride up and down Great Dun Fell 14 times – which would mean he would have completed an ‘Everest’ – each climb would be 632 m and 632 x 14 = 8848 m, which is the height of Mount Everest. In fact, Alex is a remarkable young man, who has already achieved a great deal at the age of 20. For some time, we have followed each other on Twitter and been Friends on Facebook – as a result of which I have been aware of his ‘EPIC7’ challenges and I have closely followed his activities, leading up to his Everest attempt in May o